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LIVE Webcast - Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational 2013

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RunnerSpace.com/HighSchool   on Oct 25 2013, 01:12 PM

Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational 2013


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the flotack feed is down
Scott Joerger
Girls Individual Sweeps coming to the line now!
Scott Joerger
Girls JV National Champs is now on the course!
Scott Joerger
Just getting up? First varsity race is on the line - Boys D1. Tune in to the LIVE WEBCAST now. #MTSACXC
Scott Joerger
And we're live with Day 2 action from Mt. Sac! Race 50 is underway!
Scott Joerger
Finish videos and a few interviews are up tonight. Look for full races later in the week. Tune in for more tomorrow morning! #MTSACXC
Scott Joerger
16:51 unofficially for Anna Maxwell! Caroline Pietrzyk 2nd.
Scott Joerger
Maxwell 8:57 at the crossover - that's still sub 16:30 pace.
Scott Joerger
Anna Maxwell alone at the mile. 5:07! 1 second of Baxter's record pace! #MTSACXC
Scott Joerger
D4 Girls Sweeps introductions now. Anna Maxwell, Lizzy Thomas, and Caroline Pietrzyk to name a few...
Scott Joerger
Girls D3,4,5 JV National Championship Race is going - tune in!
Scott Joerger
Final D3 Varsity Girls race is on the course - watch here! #MTSACXC
Scott Joerger
D3 Varsity Boys Sub-Sweeps is broadcast now. Check it out! #MTSACXC
Scott Joerger
DyeStatCAL's LIVE WEBCAST is now up and running! Tune in now!
History for Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational
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2013 1 109 13 1468  
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2011 1 122 6 612  
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2009 1 97 4 227  
2008 1 94 2 109  
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